Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Hello World!

Hello everyone,
I had been trying to decide what to blog about when a good friend of mine called and asked me for a recipe that I had made for a party. I started thinking about it, and not only have I gathered some fabulous recipes, but I also come across some great tips for cooking. My dream job would be to have a bed and breakfast so that I could cook for people. My husband went to cooking school, but I can honestly tell you he sometimes burns water! He is getting better, I have been out of commission for several months due to my health and he has had to pick up the slack with preparing the meals. I try to give him helpful hints as well, sometimes he listens...sometimes he likes to wing it. So I am on a mission to bring you some of the helpful tips and great recipes that I have come across. So come back anytime, you are always welcome!

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