Saturday, August 7, 2010

Marmite...a Little Jar With BIG Flavor!

Marmite Yeast Extract - 4.4ozHave you ever heard of Marmite?  Don't worry, I had never heard of it either.  Well, let me introduce you to an unforgettable flavor.  The tagline for Marmite truly is "you either like it or hate it."  It has a very distinct taste that can be very overbearing if used incorrectly.  One of my dearest friends, Maria, introduced me to one of her favorite little English secrets.  Apparently, it is quite popular over in England.  In America, it's a little harder to find.  It is not sold in your "average" grocery store, but don't give up hope because I have found it for you.  I recommend trying it on warm toast after you have slathered the toast in butter.  But don't use too much...use it very sparingly.  I know that yeast extract doesn't sound very appealing, but trust me..I love it!  It almost tastes like it has beef bouillon in it.  A little salty, and packed full of flavor.  I am not a vegetarian, so the fact that it reminds me of beef makes me happy!  But, it is 100% vegetarian and contains B vitamins.  It is also a great source of folic acid.  When Maria introduced me to it she gave me the toast version.  It was delicious and I didn't want to stop with just one piece!  But the great thing about Marmite is that there are many ways to enjoy it.  Maria just came back from a trip to England and she brought me back a little gift.  It was The Little Book of Marmite Tips.  Thank you Maria!  This informative little book gave me some great cooking tips to get started, as well as some quick little recipes that I never would've known about.  Marmite can be used to make broth, gravy (Maria's gravy is most delicious), add flavor to roasted veggies, perk up your dressings...the possibilities are endless!  Again, let me stress that not everyone likes Marmite.  If you look in the wrong places, you will find an awful lot of bad mouthing about it.  But because there are so many uses for it, I think everyone should try it.  Just because you don't like it on toast (I can't even imagine) you may like it in another recipe.  Don't give up on the Marmite!  Paul Hartley, the author of The Little Book of Marmite Tips, throws in the tip to warm your spoon or knife before dipping it in the jar.  It's pretty gooey, so this is a great tip!  I think I could do a whole cooking show about it....hmmmm...

Thank you to Maria for bringing Marmite into my life, and thank you to Mark for bringing Maria into my life!  Get your Marmite NOW!

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  1. You describe Marmite so well. I agree 'a must for toast' (can´t believe people don´t like it either). It's my passion or should I say obsession and yes, it can be used in so so many ways as you describe.

    I believe that if you give Marmite a chance there's a recipe with it in, out there, for everyone but they may yet need to be created ;-)


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