Sunday, October 16, 2011

Cooking Tips - Ripen Bananas Quickly

Cooking Tips - Ripen Bananas Quickly

I needed to ripen bananas quickly to make some banana bread a few days ago.  I jumped online and started looking around to find a way to make it happen.  I saw several different solutions to my problem, unfortunately most of them required that I wait at least 24 hours.  Some of them required an apple, a tomato, a brown paper bag and time.  I didn't have time, I had four teenagers craving banana bread.  I will tell you if you have a couple of days to wait, you can put the bananas into a paper bag with either an apple or tomato.  You just put the bag somewhere dry and in 24-36 hours...voila!  This solution came up on many websites in my search to ripen bananas quickly.  The reason this works is all because of ethylene gas.  Give that a try if you have a little time.

Back to my search!  I would not take "no" for an answer, so I kept searching.  I ended up following a link, and then another link, and then several other links......long story short, I found the solution to my problem.  There it was..."how to ripen bananas quickly."  The website is called  But I found the banana information here.  It was written by Mrunmayi Deo, who seems to be quite an author on  Well, I would like to thank him because he made four teenagers very happy.

Drum roll, please..........ripen bananas quickly by putting them in a 300 degree oven!!  Yes, that's right, in the oven.  You need to watch them closely because you don't want to burn them beyond recognition.  I believe it took my bananas about 20 minutes.  Obviously this will differ depending on where your bananas are in the ripening process.  I just made sure they were mostly black with a little bit of yellow showing through here and there.  The bananas were absolutely perfect for banana bread.  I hope this makes someone in your home happy too!  Happy ripening!

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